"Kenisha has done a remarkable job reducing the tension in my neck and shoulders, as well as my lower back pain. She is highly knowledgable about the human body and how certain aches and pains manifest. This gives me 100% confidence in her ability to use massage in healing. I always feel I'm in very good hands when she works on me."  - Jasmyn B., Brooklyn, NY


"I received my first professional massage from Kenisha and I wouldn't have it any other way. If you ask, she will explain all the processes and techniques so that you are always aware of your body and the massage process. I felt rejuvenated after my massage and have had many since. Thanks Kenisha, I would recommend you to anyone!" - Jorge R. Astoria, Queens


"Kenisha as a person and her skill-set within massage therapy was quite a refreshing experience for me. It was the perfect hint between professionalism and personality which made for a dose of calm for both mind as well as my body. She made me feel energized, relaxed and grateful that my long day could end on such a high note. If there are good massage therapists out there, I felt great knowing I was with one of the best instead. She's awesome" - AYo Harlem


"Even yoga instructors need body work! Kenisha helps keep my body healthy so I can be there for my students. She is both knowledgable and intuitive about the body and what it needs. She's also a consummate professional who makes me feel comfortable and cared for." Elaine D., Brooklyn, NY